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NIH / PEPFAR Collaboration for Implementation Science Administrative Grant Supplements

Status: Closed

No plans to recompete


  • See Guidance for Fogarty Grants below to determine if the parent award is eligible.
  • Parent awards in the first budget year or last budget year at the submission date are not eligible to submit requests.
  • Parent awards with no-cost extensions at the submission date are not eligible.

Program Overview

NIH / PEPFAR Collaboration for Implementation Science Administrative Grant Supplements aims to encourage implementation science research of relevance to PEPFAR programs that will focus on the multiple challenges being encountered by many programs in resource-limited countries when they attempt to deploy effective prevention, treatment, and integrated interventions against HIV/AIDS. Studies should reflect the needs and priorities of the countries or regions in which they are to be conducted, but also produce results that are quantifiable and applicable to diverse circumstances and geographic areas. Another objective is to incorporate capacity building and/or local investigators in the proposed work.

Guidance for Fogarty Grants

Access details about eligibility of Fogarty research and research training grants to apply for supplements.

  • Parent Grant Scientific Focus: The parent grant does not need to be specifically HIV research or research training, however, the research proposed must be related to the parent grant and responsive to the bullet issues under the eight "Specific Research Areas" listed in the announcement. All applications will initially be reviewed by Fogarty to assess whether the proposal fits within the scope of the parent grant and is responsive to the funding opportunity announcement (FOA). Applicants should include a paragraph in the proposed research strategy that describes how the proposed project fits within the specific aims of the parent grant.
  • Fogarty Research Training Grants: Fogarty awarded research training grants (D43 and U2R mechanisms) are eligible parent grants to apply for funding for current trainees to support a research proposal they design and write with their mentor. Research training grant PIs or faculty should apply through their own NIH research grants and include funding for trainees to support a project of their own design. Each proposal may request up to $100,000 total direct costs. The biosketch of the trainees must be included.
  • Fogarty Research Grants: Fogarty awarded research grants (R03 and R01 mechanisms) are eligible. PIs may request a budget up to the total amount of the FY2013 parent award to a maximum of $500,000 total costs.
  • Fogarty Career Development Awards: K01 and K02 awards are eligible. PIs may apply for up to the total amount of the FY2013 parent award.
  • Fogarty Research Education Awards: Fogarty R25 research education awards are not be eligible as de novo research support does not fall under the scope of these grants. R25 PIs and faculty are strongly encouraged to submit applications under eligible NIH research awards to build additional capacity for HIV-related implementation research at grantee and partnering institutions.
  • Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI): NIH MEPI R24 awards are not eligible in consideration of equity with the MEPI grants awarded by HRSA. MEPI PIs and faculty are strongly encouraged to submit applications under eligible NIH research awards at their institutions.
  • Number of Applications: There is no limit to the number of supplement applications that can be submitted for one parent research or research training grant.
  • Research Performance Site: Supplements can only propose research in a LMIC for which the grant is already funded to conduct research or research training. No new sites may be added.
  • Duration: Proposals must describe research projects that can be completed within one year. Timelines of proposed research activities can be included for clarity. Fogarty expects that applicant PIs will monitor the progress of the research to meet this one-year requirement.
  • Page Limitations: The research strategy for the supplement proposal is limited to five pages. See the FOA for additional application instructions.
  • How to Submit: If your parent grant was submitted in paper format (PHS 398 applications forms), submit supplement applications using the same forms directly to the Fogarty mailing address in the FOA. If your parent grant was submitted electronically, use SF424 e-submission application forms. Do NOT submit applications to See "Special Instructions for Streamlined Submissions using the eRA Commons for Electronic-based Submissions" in the FOA. At the time of submission of the proposal through eRA Commons, please send an electronic copy of the proposal as an email attachment to the Fogarty Program Officer of the parent grant.


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